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        Social Undertakings
        LuQiao successfully held the world road and bridge business conference in Shanghai, with the signing of 51 projects, with the signing amount of over 100 billion yuan. The total investment is 37.74 billion yuan, including 3 state-owned enterprises (soes) and 3 fortune 500 companies. Third, the difficulty of industrial transformation. It adheres to the idea of focusing on large, supporting medium, developing small and listing, and realizes the production of major industrial projects such as geely V, and completes the reform of 58 enterprises and 40 reserve enterprises to be listed. We carried out the "3+3+5+2" traditional industrial optimization and upgrading, dredged and combined it, sorted out 53 old industrial sites, 32 small and micro business start-up parks, and completed 14 "reform and relocation" of the old market.
        Star guangyao square, century lianhua, ten international opening, wanjia square, xinyue square junction top. Lubei street has become a pilot town with modern commerce and trade characteristics. China commodity mall, taizhou international plastic city and other market e-commerce parks opened, and 120 enterprises, such as alibaba e-commerce service center, settled in. Taizhou logistics park became the first provincial logistics demonstration park in the city. Successfully held 20 brand exhibitions. Luqiao rural commercial bank was restructured and set up. Tailong bank issued the country's first green finance bond for small and micro businesses.