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        Key Enterprises

        Zhejiang Jingang CarsCo., Ltd. under Geely Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. – the unique private manufacturer of cars in China
        Main Products: cars and motorcycles
        Address: Jili Motor City Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Li Shufu
        Tel: 0576-82363009
        Fax: 0576-82363333
        Post Code: 318053

        Tengda Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. – the 1st listed private enterprise of Taizhou
        Address: 1 East of Luqiao Avenue Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Ye Yangyou
        President: Ye Linfu
        Tel: 0576-82522527
        Fax: 0576-82522555
        Post Code: 318050

        Shuangling Group Limited -- one of 300 nationally largest enterprise groups by Ministry of Agriculture, of which “Shuanglu” brand air-conditioner is the winner of national caliber-product prize and refined domestic product gold-bridge prize
        Main Products: motorcycles, air-conditioners, engines and refrigeration accessories
        Address: 689 Xin’an St. S. Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Huang Dongfang
        Tel: 0576-82410115
        Fax: 0576-82410477
        Post Code: 318050

        China Gko Group Co., Ltd.
        Main Products: new aluminum alloy plate, tape and fouls, biomedicines, decorating materials
        Address: Luqiao Industrial Park Luqiao Taizhou (Fengjiang Xiatao)
        Board Chairman: Li Shutong
        Tel: 0576-82696597
        Fax: 0576-82596595
        Post Code: 318054

        Zhejiang Bahuan Bearing Co., Ltd., a hi-tech enterprise of national level as well as a good-faith demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang
        Main Products: bearings for motorcycle, motors and special bearings
        Address: 889 Xin’an St. W. Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Dai Xueli
        Tel: 0576-82415829?? 82415676
        Fax: 0576-82415672
        E-mail: lqhuanyu@mail.tzptt.zj.cn
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Ji’ao Motors Co., Ltd.
        Main Products: leather card, SUV (light-duty bus)
        Address: (Zhengji Village and Zhonglin Village Xinqiao) Luqiao Industrial Park Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Miao Xuezhong
        President: Jiang Shubin
        Tel: 0576-82610956
        Fax: 0576-82610971
        E-mail: miaoxuezhong@vip.163.com
        Post Code: 318055

        Zhuguang (Group) Co., Ltd., one of the national export bases of electromechanical equipment, with 11 shareholding enterprises and 9 transnational subbranches under control
        Main Products: festival lamps for X’mas Day
        Address: Yanghong Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman and President: Li Yunqing
        Tel: 0576-82430720
        Fax: 0576-82430724
        Post Code: 318050

        Sanyou Share-holding (Group) Co., Ltd. – one of the 100 backbone enterprises in the textile machine industry of the country
        Main Products: plastic yarn carriers, motorcycles, spun wool textiles and daily plastics
        Address: Juanqiao Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Zhang Xiaonan
        Tel: 0576-82700362
        Fax: 0576-82700361
        E-mail: info@china-sanyou.com
        Post Code: 318058

        Taizhou Qihe Taindi Metal Co., Ltd., an enterprise specially engaged in processing of renewable resources and production of ADV12 special metal materials.?
        Address: Fengjiang Metal Renewal Park Luqiao Taizhou
        President: Ding Guopei
        Tel: 0576-82680911, 82680912
        Fax: 0576-82680913
        Post Code: 318054

        Zhejiang Jinlong Electric Motor Co., Ltd. – one of the backbone enterprises of electric motor at home, with its trademark “Jinlong” famed in Zhejiang
        Main Products: varied medium- and small-sized 3-phase asynchronous motors
        Address: 132 Gongye Rd. Jinqing Town Luqiao Taizhou
        President: Ye Jinwu
        Tel: 0576-82882370
        Fax: 0576-82883598
        Post Code: 318058

        China Jonway Group Limited
        Main Products: motorcycles, plastics and decorating materials
        Address: Yongyuan Industrial Park Lunan St. Luqiao Taizhou
        President: Wang Huaiyi
        Tel: 0576-82555888
        Fax: 0576-82423618
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Yufeng Industrial Group, one of the backbone enterprises of Zhejiang in traffic industry
        Main Products: plastic products oriented, including plastic accessories for washing machine, refrigerator, motorcycle, sewing machine, car, and various daily-use commodity. ??
        Address: Lijia Village Fengjiang St. Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Wang Qingyu
        Post Code: 318057

        SAN OU MACHINERY LIMITED COMPANY, a hi-tech enterprise of national torch project as well as one of the main manufacturers of drill chucks in the world.
        Main Products: such five serial products as spanner drill chuck, hand-tight drill chuck, self-locking drill chuck and CNC machining center accessories
        Address: Lijia Village Lunan St. Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman: Zhou Wenhua
        Tel: 0576-82512227
        Fax: 0576-82512198
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Zhongnan Industry Group, a private complex with motorcycles, motorcycle motors and vehicles as the leading business
        Main Products: motorcycles, motorcycle motors and vehicles
        Address: Xiaoxie Industry Zone Lunan St. Luqiao Taizhou
        Directorate Chairman: Chen Huaneng
        Tel.: 0576—82435121
        Fax: 0576—82435121
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Aisin-Hongda Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., a Sino-Japan joint venture enterprise of manufacturing cars spare parts as aluminum die-casting basically.
        Main Products: silicon oil fan coupling, water pump, oil pump, cylinder heads, timing chain cover,relatives of aluminum die-casting and engines
        Address: Jichang Rd. Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang
        Directorate Chairman: Chen Lingbin
        Tel: 0576—82507467
        Fax: 0576—82507000
        Post Code: 318050

        China Feiya Group, a high-tech enterprise specialized in computer embroidery machines and their parts
        Main Products: 9 series and 100 varieties of products such as GG748, CT, Chenille, sequin, mixed chenille, high-speed, quilting embroidery machines, coiling and CTY machine
        Address: Industrial Park Zhongxin Rd. Jinqing Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang China
        Directorate Chairman: Ye Lianfu
        Tel: 0576-82707099
        Fax: 0576-82707097
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Yilida Ventilator Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of air-conditioner blowers and engineering blowers at home and one of “500 Top Technology-based Brand Enterprises in China” with “YILIDA” as a famous trademark of Zhejiang as well as a brand-named product of Zhejiang
        Main Products: centrifugal fans, axial fans, cabinet fans, roof fans and duct fans etc.
        Address: 2 Yilida Rd. Heng St. Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang
        Directorate Chairman: Zhang Qizhong
        Tel: 0576-82655728
        Fax: 0576-82655758
        Post Code; 318056

        Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co., Ltd. a technology-based manufacturer of air tools for export at home, which are complete in varieties and grades.
        Main Products: air nailers, air spray guns and air tools
        Address: Lunan Industry Zone Luqiao Taizhou
        Directorate Chairman” Li Xiaorong
        Tel: 0576-82433803
        Fax: 0576-82454239
        Post Code: 318050

        Taizhou Commercial Bank, a local shareholding commercial bank set up in accordance with the “Company Law” and “Commercial Banking Law”
        Address: 92 Nanguan Avenue Luqiao Taizhou
        Board Chairman and President: Chen Xiaojun
        Tel: 013777662001
        Post Code: 318050

        Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, a regional financial institution approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission?
        Board Chairman and President: Wang Jun
        Tel: 0576-82551888
        Post Code: 318050